We Have IUAV Course Description

A ten week course that explores the dematerialization of graphic design emphasizing the conceptual and non medium specific making and inventing of new works.

Participants are encouraged to start with ideas that lead to real works that function, challenge, interrupt and suggest new possibilities within the disciplines of graphic design, communications and art.

Projects/tasks are set to create unique starting points for each participant from which they are asked to develop their own area of interest.

Daniel Eatock May 2008


1. What situation you were expecting to find when you accepted the job at IUAV ClasVEM degree?

A studio that closes at 7pm, 20 dirty tables, 40 odd chairs and between 30 and 40 students with a range of interests and skills.

2. What is the subject you teach? If it is appropriate to say so.

Conceptual thinking, non medium specific making and inventing of new works, within the context of graphic design.

3. For what is your understanding of Conceptual Art, is there any methodology to be used or do you usually follow your instinct?

I am interested in the dematerialization of the art object that started in the mid 1960's. A group of artists were interested in the idea over the form, or how the idea could suggest or create form. My practice and teaching follows this logic that a concept or idea can guide and lead to the formalization of the finished work.

Questions by Lorenzo Cercelletta
Answers by Daniel Eatock