Project 2

Part one (one day)
Following are 48 tasks, each of you are assigned one from the list.

Respond by 3pm tomorrow. Bring all documentation and collected results to the studio for part two of the project.

01. Respond to your environment
02. Design a pattern for a butterfly wing
03. Make a stranger smile
04. Resolve an ongoing problem
05. Take 100 images of the same object
06. Explore one liter of water
07. Transform one A3 sheet of white paper
08. Make something difficult look easy
09. Do something for the group
10. Repair something that is broken
11. Be a guide for a tourist
12. Stay awake 24 hours
13. Repeat the same action 1,000 times
14. Introduce yourself to the architecture students
15. Apologize for a mistake
16. Make diner for ten friends
17. Create an obstacle
18. Help people who need help getting up some steps
19. Record what another class member is doing
20. Cook for a day for free at your local cafe or restaurant
21. Wear all your clothes
22. Repair something that is broken
23. Follow a pigeon for as long as you can
24. Call a friend that you have not spoken to for a long time
25. Wear formal cloths for an informal event
26. Offer your design services to another member of the class
27. Make a path for others to follow
28. Do something in the studio that you would normally do at home
29. Say nothing for the duration of the class
30. Make a neglected place loved
31. Take a picture of every window you look through
32. Prepare a feast for yourself
33. Email your idol
34. Put yourself in somebody else's shoes
35. Keep your eyes closed for one hour during class
36. Draw with your pen until it runs out
37. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave
38. Make a drawing without touching the pen
39. Ask somebody in the class what to do and follow their instructions
40. Read a book out loud in the corner of the studio
41. Add something a little extra
42. Build something tall and knock it down
43. Make content for a blank space
44. Design a protest
45. Document dogs in Venice
46. Classify all your possessions
47. Turn things upside-down and document
48. Communicate with a person in the room next door

Part two (6 Days)

The task was a way of generating content from which your project can evolve.
Determine an appropriate medium to communicate your task and proceed to make a work.
Prepare a 5 minute presentation for the class for next Monday.