Pages 1 to 19 / from 19 Books

The class of 19 people each read one page from their book. The first person read page 1, the second person read page 2? the last person read page 19.

I found a connection between page 11 of my text and page 12 of Andrea's book because both books talks about death, my book talks about two old people, one man and one woman, who died in a flat where now lives the protagonist of my novel and Andrea's book tell about death of a dog. It's quite strage expecially becouse he read his book just after me. I found another connection, there is 3 people who reading a book written by a Japanese author. The connection at my book is with Andrea's book, Le ceneri di Angela, because in his part of text speak to two brothers, instead in my part of text speak to the four sister, Piccole donne, the connection is a family, but is a little connection. First that I found about the connection between the books is not related with the histories but about the authors: 3 of ours books have a Japanese author. Than I found 3 books differents of the others becouse while all of the books are generally narrative, that 3 they are speacking 1 about the mind, 1 about the human use of the things that surround us, and the last one about the creativity. I saw that books connected in the way to be more like a "manual of instruction". About my book "La fine del mondo e il paese delle meraviglie" (the end of the world and the wonderland), I saw a connection with 2 others books for the presence of animals. I saw the cover of "i cani di Babele" (the Babele's dog) and I suppose the book speaking about dogs, but I didn't recognize the reading yesterday. Than, in the page of "Le ceneri di Angela" ( The Angela's remains) I heard about the death of a dog, while my book page was speaking about a beasts (supposed to be unicorns) locked in a space by a large gateway, deprived of any emotions ( a kind of death?) I thought that some books are related with the death, or the ways of die.. infact I saw another book titled "Se morisse mio marito" (If my husband would die) and " I cinesi non muoiono mai" ( the chines people never die). 1) Strange connections among topic Sara finished her reading talking about learning like at school. Giulia strted her reading talking about learning experiment. Alessandra finished his reading with a list. Erika strated with a list. Pina strating with the first page talking about a painter. Luigi ended with his 17th page (the last of the reading), talking about painting. 2) Sandwich! Benedetta's short Italian lecture is pressed between Daniel and Flavia's English. 3) Funny words Connecting the last word of a page, with the first one af another page, the reading day created new strange word without a meaning, like "ilschilo"... ... 4) The experience it's been interesting and funny from the aspect of the "criterion with no meanings sense", but i find it quite long and so a little boring, maybe because some pages were to long. I was so excited to read in front of my other classmates that I've confused the line and I've read two time the same concept. When I realised it was so embaressed for me but I thought that it's part of the danger of spontaneity in doing something. When the last person finished to read I find some connection between my book, that tells about some brain's experiment about number addition, and Luigi's book that tells about the novelty on doing something new, a part from what other people can think about it, in particular ways on draw as an abstract artist. I think that everything depends on how people approach to a problem or a way to express himself, that is personal in each case. Listening to other reading book I think that many of us have choosen a novel story in which the author tells something about a family's adventures, in which someboby describes a place or a particular situation, just like the child that suffers for his tongue, maybe because it ticke our imagination. The decision to stop reading exactly at the end of the decided page was really interesting because I was so curious to know how the story goes can be interesting to imagine how each story develops, everyone of us surely invent something different...maybe it can be a theme for my project? Made me smile the fact that you (Daniel) read your book in English, then the microphone passed to me, with a very very short sentence in Italian, and then Flavia immediately resumed with English again. It was like an unexpected variation in your readings.