Charlotte Eatock

Friday 13 June

Trained as a dancer and graduated from London Studio Centre with a B.A Honours. Charlotte worked with Henri Oguike Dance Company from 2003-2006, and in 2007 worked for Didi Veldman on a production of Peter and the Wolf. Charlotte choreographed and performed in the Beta Bands music video ?Human Being? and has also choreographed for National Youth Dance Wales, Newbury Youth and London Studio Centre along with smaller projects of her own. In 2006 she was commissioned to create a piece for The National Youth Festival in association with the National Gallery. She created ?Secret Event? for Resolution 2008, and has recently been shortlisted for The Place Prize 2008. In the last year Charlotte has been experimenting with film and was shortlisted for the Jerwood Moving Image Award with ?Kate Lunn? which was also shown at London International Dance Film Festival 2007 along with ?Music Box?. Another of her short films ?He mistook me for a walk? is part of Live Art Falmouth 2008. Currently Charlotte is working towards a solo piece that will be performed July 2008 at Stratford Circus as part of ?Small Dances?


The first piece you will see is a video application for The Place Prize, for which I was selected to create a new performance. The Place Prize is a competition for contemporary dance choreographers, it has been described as a cross between the turner prize and x factor.

For the new performance, I am working with Diana de Cabarrus of Candytheif to create the music and she will also be performing on stage. I am gathering stories from different sources, and I would like to invite the IAUV students to email me your stories with the chance of it being included in the piece.

Email me sound, video clips, or written word to charlotte [at] eatock [dot] com


The second video piece is called "Kate Lunn". Created in the Summer 2007, it was my first collaboration with another artist and the first video I ever made. It has been shown at London International Dance Film Festival 2007 and shortlisted for The Jerwood Moving Image Award 2008

Johanna Levy and I decided to work together in a way that I had been working independently and we categorised 'Kate Lunn' as a 'do it yourself project'. We choreographed the movement together and decided to both appear in the video, we created the music, filmed it and edited it. The idea evolved around a bench in Hampstead Heath. This bench was in memory of a girl around the same age as us when she died and so we decided to go to this bench often as though we were meeting a friend. We would change into our rehearsal clothes, warm up, improvise and then structure our movement material, film, eat our lunch, discuss ideas, even sit under an umbrella when it rained and we couldn't film. The outcome is a young playful dance / music video, created to entertain and offer Kate Lunn companionship.