All we have great or small frustrations, one of my greatest frustrations is the relationship with my mother, but it?s not a frustration that can be resolved with a job of one week. Thus I have thought the reason that often makes us discuss. I like to collect many things, above all something about graphics, posters, flyers, post cards and so on. But I?ve got a problem, all the graphic which I like, I bring them at home with me. Obviously my mother doesn?t understand me and she wants me to clean and throw away all those things that I have in my room: in her opinion they are useless. Thus I carried in the studio my inspirations book. After tutorial I understood that sometimes I exaggerate. Daniel and Flavia suggested to me to bring something in the class, so I?ve thought that I?ll make my mother happy by doing that. I have decided what I thought was the best in that moment, I did not planned anything. The first feeling of people was that there was too much order, but actually I am too precise, nearly obsessive, I love to divide anything, my ideal piece of furniture is that one from typographer because he has many buckets in order to divide things. I am very satisfied because finally I have seen these things sticked on the wall, and I have been able to see them from a sure distance. Later I remained watching them, I like it a lot, but I have decided to resolve my frustration getting rid of this paper. Finally I have printed a poster with this photo and I decided to hang it up in my bedroom for see one big ispiration only instead of many things.

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Jessica: because there is someone that says to me that they are useless things, but for me they are not useless!
Mum: It is not the issue of useless things Jessica, if there were space, I do not say that they are useless, I understood, but there are a loat of things put togheter and that they are all covered of dust.
Jessica: and where can I put to them?
Mum: The collection must be clean up, I clean up my collection of the little caskets by myself.
Jessica: and what should i do?
Mum: I clean up the glass, i do not wait for you to clean it up. You should clean them up on Sunday when you are at home because dust smells bad!